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Well, I've been very buisy-building this site up to my high standards. I thought I should give each member (from the "MK2" 1973-1979) period each a page-so that's keeping me buisy. But it's fun though, (if it wasn't I wouldn't be doing this)...
I hope this site is somewhat finished before 2007.


Well, Renaissance isn't a band anymore, so I'll try to get things on the individual solo members.

Annie Haslam's new CD...
This came to me in my e-mail after I sent a "fan letter" to Annie (it also turned up on her site)...
Dear Friends
This letter has been a long time coming because so much has been happening in my world!
My animal family are doing well and since I wrote last I have adopted a little boy Chiwawa (that's how I spell it)! who I have named 'Love'......I have called him many names since he has been with me !!!!  HELP he's a RUNNER!!!!!!!!!  but overall his name suits him well.
I  find that people are usually quite surprised by his name which has turned out to be an  effective way to spread the most powerful word there is! I LOVE IT!
He was rescued from the Euthanasia room in a high kill shelter in Philadelphia by Animal Alliance, a wonderful caring organization, dedicated to saving animals from shelters.
I hope this next piece of news is a nice surprise for you, I even surprised myself by making the decision to do this now!
I was going to release this sometime in the future but decided now was the time.
My new CD is called  'Woman Transcending' and is comprised of rare recordings from my 'solo' career, dating back to the 70', 80's and 90's.
I am extremely excited for people to hear these songs, some of which have never been released by anyone, and some that were released on other CD's that were not so easy to find. The songs I have chosen for this CD, cover several styles of music, some  that you wouldn't normally hear from me.
Getting all the elements together was quite emotional as several wonderful people that were involved, were lost to us in recent years. This CD is a tribute to them.
So many of you, have been with me on this musical journey, it has been a wild ride sometimes, with stumbling blocks and upsets, joys and much LAUGHTER......but never giving up.......
 We have all gone through these chapters in our 'lives'. With many of you I have had personal contact and insight into 'your lives'. Whether it was assurance and support in illness, or advice on 'how do I become a singer'! I am always touched by any request that is aimed at me as a 'regular' person and not just an entertainer......
I am eternally grateful to everyone involved in this CD and also to everyone who will get to hear it. 
During these recordings, I was very fortunate to work with some wonderful and talented musicians and songwriters, including Tony Visconti, Steve Howe, Michael Haslam, Warwick Embury, Mike Rutherford, BA Robertson, Mike Read, Rod Edwards, Neale Heywood, Kit Hain, Raphael Rudd, The London Symphony Orchestra, David Biglin, Dick Plant,  Bob Brown and Ward Parks. 
I am also proud of the performances from my band at the time, Rave Tesar, Mark Lambert, Dave Keyes, Joe Goldberger and Larry Fast, who performed as well as produced the first three songs.
Although Raphael Rudd didn't write the song he is performing on,  I chose this because he is playing the Harp, which was quite rare; it is a beautiful piece of work. We sadly lost Raphael in a car accident.  His spirit and talent were strong, and all who knew him, miss him a lot!
I also sing a Bee Gees song which I found suited my voice very well, Tony Visconti did a great job with this one. It was originally recorded for the Blessing in Disguise CD but for some reason we did not include it. I am glad we didn't, as I feel this is the right time for it to be heard......
 One song in particular is very special to me, in that it is the only song I ever recorded with my Brother Michael, whom I lost to lung cancer a couple of years ago. 
His voice was magnificent and I am proud to be able to share it with you. If you have never heard Michael sing , I think you will be surprised  and impressed by the power and timbre in his voice, it always brings me to tears......a cross between Elvis and Roy Orbison.
This recording is quite 'raw', but even so, I decided I wanted his voice to be heard, so I ask you to be forgiving with the quality of this piece. It was done on the spur of the moment while I was visiting Michael and recovering from breast cancer, singing this with him helped me a great deal in my healing process! I wish I could have sang with him more.
A friend I wish I could have known better, was Warwick Embury.
I met him and  Jo for the first time in 1986. We hit it off immediately, we had the same sense of humor. Apart from being a very talented songwriter, he was also a 'special' soul, who touched every person he met. He was larger than life in many ways.
'Shadows' is one of my favourite songs on this CD. 
I remember the day we recorded it, as there was a lot of snow on the ground and it was FREEZING.  It took me a while to 'defrost' before I could sing......and now, as I write this,  I can smell the log fire in Warwick's lovely old house....what lovely memories.
In 1998, I  traveled to Jackson TN to record with members of Carl Perkins' family.
This was an incredible experience, meeting and recording with this very talented family.
It was truly an honour.  I recorded two 'country ' songs written by Carl, Debbie, Stan and Greg.. I loved singing these two songs, it shows a completely different side of me....Annie 'sings' country!   
On a  lighter note, my experience meeting and working with Mike Read on 'Hunter Trials was a lot of fun! Mike who is very well known DJ in the UK, has recorded two CD's, dedicated to the poetry of English Poet 'Sir John Betjeman'. Mike brought the poetry even more alive, by adding his poignant music.
I enjoyed singing this song very much, as I could pretend I was a young schoolgirl 'again'!
You will hear me giggle towards the end !!! A fun piece!
This collection of songs was recorded at various times and in different countries, and because of this, the sound quality will vary a little......but I feel this adds to the emotion and beauty of this CD.
   'Woman Transcending'  also represents my 'personal' journey through Music and Art. 
Art is such a huge part of my life now, so I couldn't let this CD out into the world without  having it involved.
The painting for the cover artwork is my portrayal of 'Leonardo de Vinci'.
Giclee copies of the painting  on canvas and Archival paper, are available through my website.
 I am particularly thrilled to share this painting with you, as it is my own meaningful rendition of an extraordinary man, that also happened  to be known as 'The Renaissance Man.'
He was also a vegetarian and a singer!
There were no second thoughts when I was deciding what artwork to use for this project.
This just felt right.
'Woman Transcending'  will be released on White Dove Records, December 5th, and is now available through my website @
You can order your CD now and when they arrive they will be shipped immediately.
 If you wish me to sign the CD,  then please request that in the comments section of your order.
If you have any other requests or questions, please e-mail
I do hope this warms your heart, brings back fond memories and makes you smile.
Love , Light and Peace
She seems nice even when just writting a mass letter, you bet I'll get this!

Terry Sullivan's site is down, so I can't tell of his Renaissant thing (dang).

Contributed by Peter, webmaster...

Other stuff

Stuff I don't feel is news (more so my opinions) will go here.

My letters to Renissance members...

Well, I e-mailed John Hawken, the original Renaissance keyboardist and asked him mainly about the piano solo in "Island", here's what he had to say...
Hello Peter
Thanks for the e.mail.
I'm curious as to how you first heard of Renaissance or Illusion - you're a very young man & those recordings were made over 30 years ago.
Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed our music.
As for the solo in Island that you like, this was part of Beethoven's Sonata # 13. Both Louis Cennamo (the bass player) & I took classical music lessons for many years & we just thought it would be fun to include a small piece on that album.
Hope you will always enjoy music, no matter what kind, for as Beethoven once said "Music is humanity's gift to itself".
Best regards
John Hawken (keyboard player Renaissance/Illusion)
He wrote back! How nice of him, eh.
But you know, I must mention the real problem with trying to make a Renaissance site and being my age is that I don't know really anything about the time they existed, because I wasn't even born. But my passion for this exeeds my age and that's what keeps this going.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!