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My Discovery
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My first feelings on Renaissance...

Well, I was in a used music store, looking to buy a CD from a band called Blackmore's Night (who I'd find out later, did a cover of a Renaissance song). Well, I had no idea who Renaissance was, so I went home and did a little research. They looked (and sounded) so different than what I was used to. Normally, I'd listen to heavy metal, and Renaissance wasn't even close. They were even less rock than Blackmore's Night, whom I had just taken a liking to. Anyway, I soon bought Azure d'Or (for about $20, though it was worth it) and my love of Renaissance took off. Soon after, I was inspired to begin playing my acoustic guitar again and ultimitely decided I want to presue a career in playing guitar.

What really caught me about Renaissance were the vocals. Annie Haslam has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. It's peaceful, yet powerful. Renaissance never acheved huge success, which is a shame, as there was nobody more deserving of fame than Annie Haslam. But Renaissance lives on threw the fans, Annie's solo career and websites dedicated to this wonderful band.
I would go to see Annie Haslam (or Renaissance if they ever reformed, again) before anything else-they are that wonderful to me. I know it seems corny or weird, but I really thing listening to Renaissance has made me a better person...