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Now, it may be Annie Haslam who fronted the band, but it was Michael Dunford who started the (lets just call it MK2) verson of Renaissance we all know. He was also the main songwriter in the band, his writing can be found as early as the album "Illusion", though he didn't play again on an album until "Ashes are Burning". He was on every Renaissance album, save the first one-either playing or writing. He is a great guitarist, and for some reason, underrated amongst the general public. I, personally, am proud to call him an influence (why I mainly only play acoustic guitar, because of him). What's interesting is he plays 12 string acoustic guitars, which I think, is key to the Renaissance sound...

When Renaissance folded in 1987, he soon made a band called "Michael Dunford's Renaissance" (as Annie Haslam called her solo career Annie Haslam's Renaissance at one point)... But this new band featured Stephanie Adlington on vocals and the rest, just session musicians. This new "Renaissance" didn't last nearly as long as the 70s verson (though I don't really consider this as Renaissance-more of a Michael Dunford band, but I'll add it to the band history anyway)...
For the longest time, it was rumoured Michael was going to make a musical from the Scheherazade song, but I have no clue if that ever actually did happen. Renaissance (with Annie Haslam) did reform in 1999, though Jon Camp was a no show there (instead, Roy Wood played bass), and produced the album Tuscany, toured then broke up. All has gone quiet from Michael Dunford, Stephanie Adlington has long since left his "Renaissance" and I happen to know his Scheherazade play did happen in 1997. His dream came true, what a wonderful bunch of days that must have been.