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John Tout

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John Tout, Renaissance couldn't work without him. John Tout was Renaissance's keyboardist from (I beleive) late 1971 to early 1980 (when he was let go for walking off stage). John was crutial to Renaissance's sound, piano's vere very important in the music. He was in Renaissance for almost 11 years (to my understanding) but when his sister died, he became uninterested in music and after making a big mistake and walking off stage, he was asked to leave. He was uninvolved with music for sometime because of his sister's death. He tried some various things with Terry Sullivan which never took off. He wouldn't really appear on anything until the Renaissance reunion album "Tuscany". He didn't appear on the entire album, as he had other commitments. He also guested on the album "South of Winter" by the band Renaissant (with Terry Sullivan).

Before Renaissance, John was involved in more so local bands. Something of interesting to note is John Tout was on the track "Crippled Inside" on John Lennon's Imagine album. It says he plays guitar (which is wrong), he plays piano.