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Terry Sullivan

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Player of a thousand (or so) drums...


Terry Sullivan, Renaissance's drummer, an important role if you think about it. He never played with a small kit, like some drummers, no-it was always a big one. Renaissance was quite dependant on drums, which seems odd to some people. Drums to me (and a lot of people) are a very daunting instrument, it takes skill, especially to not be the only one heard. Another challange was Terry had to work alongside an orchestra, which for a drummer, must seem a little bit odd, wouldn't you think?

Terry was involved with the Renaissance reunion and (besides Annie Haslam) puts out material. His career before Renaissance is well documented. He played in a band called Dry Ice and another called Jacks Union. He left Renassance in 1980 after John Tout was asked to leave. It was more "he goes I go" thing (John and Terry are good friends you see). After Renaissance he became a session musician, he also turned up in "The Good Old Boys" (with Nick Simper of Deep Purple). After the Renaissance reunion, he put out his own album, using his family only (which is pretty interesting) under the name Renaissant.