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Jon Camp

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Jon Camp's whereabouts nowadays are a mystery. And they have been since 1984 (when he left Renaissance). Nobody seems to know where he is or realy what he's doing. From what little I've heard, after Renaissance he joined a band called Cathedral (which is also the name of a metal band), after he was involved with small local bands around where he lived and has been doing such ever since. In Renaissance, he was a rather crutial part to the band-as was the bass. His backing vocals (along with Michael Dunford) were part of Renaissance's unique sound (he even sang on Only Angels Have Wings). He stayed with Renaissance until after the Time Line tour, then sadly dearted. In addition to backing vocals and bass guitar, he also contributed to writing (he wrote almost half of the Azure d'Or album by himself, and would take over the writing with Michael Dunford when Betty Thatcher left.

Jon didn't return to Renaissance for the 1999 relese of "Tuscany", nobody knows/or won't say why. He is shrouded in mystery, as none of the other members really know where he is or what he's doing. Though in reality, only Annie Haslam and Terry Sullivan are really in the music busness, releasing albums. Although John Tout guests on Terry Sullivan's (Renaissant) new album; South of Winter. Jon Camp said in an interview (I saw somewhere) in the late 90's that he's involved in local bands around near where he lives.