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A sort of "reunion" band...


Illusion was a band intended to be a MK1 Renaissance reunion, though the name "Renaissance" was already being used by the Annie Haslam fronted band, so they settled on the name "Illusion" after their second release. The band was made up of; Jane Relf on vocals, Jim McCarty on vocals, acoustic guitar and various percussion, John Hawken on keyboards, Louis Cennamo on bass, John Knightsbridge on lead guitars and Eddie McNeill on drums. They released two albums, Out of the Mist and Illusion, as well as Enchanted Caress-which also featured a track with Keith Relf, who died before the project began. It kept going in his memory, "it's what he would have wanted" Jane (his sister) would later say...


Illusion only lasted a few years, as interest from record companies and the members fadded away. There was also a spawn of band called Renaissance Illusion, featuring Jim McCarty, Jane Relf, Louis Cennamo and John Hawken. This was a sort of "reunion" for Illusion/Renaissance, they released an album called Through the Fire, before going their own ways again. This happened around the time when the Annie Haslam fronted Renaissance reunited too.


Illusion was a lot like Renaissance in the sence four of it's members were it's founders, the sound-was slightly different, as the addition of the extra guitarist and the loss of Keith Relf (who co-wrote all the songs on first Renaissance album and some on the second).