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Annie Haslam

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The voice of Renaissance...


Renaissance for Annie Haslam was a different thing than she had done before hand. She went to art school to become a dress designer (I wonder if she designed her own?). Her talent for singing was discovered by mistake by her sister in law. Six months later, Annie answered an ad from a band looking for a female singer. The band was Renaissance, and she learned the album "Renaissance" back to front and got the job. Annie would go on and make ten studio albums and various live albums (including their most famous one "Live at Carnage Hall"). In addition to Renaissance, Annie Haslam has had quite a successfull solo career as well, which continues to this day.

Although Renaissance officially ended in 1987, Annie had been making solo albums since 1977 (with her debut "Annie in Wonderland). Her career was put on hold when in late 1992-early 1993 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It didn't at all overcome her and in about 2 years time, "Blessing in Disguise" was released. Very soon after she began where she left off, appearing on a YES tribute CD. She would continue with her solo career, with albums such as; Live Under the Brazilian Skies, The Dawn of Amanda, and a Christmas CD - It Snows in Heaven Too. After a short Renaissance reunion, she continued with her solo career and with her new album "Woman Transending" it looks like she will continue to sing for years to come.