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About the Site
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The people involved and what inspired this site.

This site was entirely done by me, Peter White. I did this because I love the band Renaissance and I felt there weren't enough sites on the web. This is a thing I do in my spare time, and if some of the stuff isn't right, please tell me, as I love to know new things about this wonderful band.

I just wanted to give a bit of thanks to John Hawken and Annie Haslam for answering my fan letters, and obviously; Renaissance itself, for if they didn't exist, I'd have no website.

The pictures were taken by various plces; which I will now list;
and other places around (which I will list when I can find where I wrote the URL's)...
Thank you to everyone who comes here and everything that made this possible.

The website is always under construction, I never think too much is enough... I'll post in the news whenever I make an update on this site.